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Frioes XXI is a refrigerated warehouse with capacity for 13,166 pallets with a volume of 41,084 m³.

It consists of 11 temperature-controlled chambers (bitémperas), equipped with compact and mobile shelves, with refrigeration temperatures between 0 °C and 5 °C and freezing temperatures down to -30 °C, as well as two freezing tunnels down to -50 °C with a surface area of 80 m² each and a capacity of approximately 20 tonnes of product/day each.

Frioes XXI is included in the Framework List of registered establishments for the worldwide export of all types of food products.

Sobre nosotros

That is what makes us leaders

Our location is strategic:


Within a radius of 200 kms, there is Madrid, the port of Bilbao, Santander and the border with France.

On-place services

The dry port of Burgos and several cold transport companies are located in the same area.

Own bonded warehouse

So that you can import and/or export in a more efficient way.

Frioes XXI has ample space, different warehouses, freezing and refrigeration tunnels, and a storage capacity of 41,084 m³.

Ample space for merchandise

Facilitates loading and unloading operations and others that may arise.

Customs clearance

To manage both exports and imports

Freezing Tunnels

Two tunnels of 50 tons in total.

Frioes XXI has all the automation, measuring equipment, monitoring and control elements for the installation to work automatically and for the system to regulate itself.

We adapt to the client

Contact us to request our services and quote. We will attend you in a personalized way during the whole process. Trust and responsiveness are the keys to be leaders in the sector.

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